This is one what makes us really unique, is that you can experience virtual reality with your friends, partner, family and/or colleagues. Yes, at the same time in the same VR world and you can see each other. This definitely adds another dimension of fun. Most of the vr games we offer are geared towards Multiplayer.

Race against each other in Lamborgini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mclaren, Formula 1 in Virtual Reality. Beware it is very intense! In VR you are actually in the car behind the steering wheel. Metal pedals & H gearknob or use the gear-shifters , professional racing wheel with power steering, vibrating playseat what else do you want?

Shoot your friends up in a deathmatch, make them pay! Join your friends against hordes of enemies, call of duty style.
Fight off a zombie apocalypse with your best buds, girlfriend or co-worker discover new world, find ammo, solve puzzles and stick together to survive.
Fly like ironman with equipped with rocket launcher, shotgun, machine gun, shockwaves and destroy your mate.
Go back in time like in Game of Thrones and defend your village / city from Firespeewing dragons, giant orcs of course in a team your chance of survival increases!

per person
Basic Immersion - 25 min
1 - 4 Players
Single or Multiplayer
40+ VR Games & Experiences
4D VR Racing Simulator (2x)
Fully Guided
1 Player = 1 VR-Headset
4 Players = 4 VR-Headsets
From p.p
Exclusive Whole Place
6 - 25 People
Private Events
Kids Birthday Party
Corporate Events
Team Building
Bachelor Party