VR Zombie Apocalypse

VR horror games offer an intense experience. Can you imagine walking around in a zombie infected world with 360 degrees view? Your mission is to survive and take down the zombies. Meanwhile, they are following you and suddenly jump at you from out of nowhere.

So, load your gun, aim at the zombies, and let the shooting games begin!

Of course, we will be there for you by:

  • Explaining how to play the game
  • Giving you a VR riffle and showing how the controllers work
  • Give you tips & tricks to defend yourself
  • Help selecting the VR horror game that suits you
  • Providing mental support (if necessary)

Do you want to save the world from a VR zombie apocalypse? Then come visit us in the city center.

Enter a VR horror game with your friend, date or co-worker in co-op multiplayer mode. Or play in single mode and visit our VR gaming arcade in the center of Amsterdam. Book your VR horror session online now.

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What to expect from VR horror?

VR Horror experience:
If you’re into horror movies, this will definitely thrill you. This time you’re not watching it from a TV screen, but you will actually be in the middle of it. When entering a VR post-apocalyptic world, it’ll make the hair in the back of your neck stand up, because of the hordes of VR zombies approaching you.

During VR horror games you will:

  • Enter post-apocalyptic worlds
  • Search for ammo
  • Find weapons
  • Solve puzzles
  • Learn how important it is to stick together (multiplayer)

The creepy virtual reality horror environments will definitely give you goosebumps. The scary atmosphere combined with jump scares from VR zombies are terrifying. Will you find ammunition without making a sound? And do you know when to use it? Be careful, because the noise will attract the death. This makes the gory VR zombie shooters nerve wracking. It’s not for everyone. Do you have what it takes?

VR horror technology
We provide you with high-quality gear and technology. This makes the experience lifelike. When holding the rifle for example, you’ll feel like you’re holding a real gun. It also acts like one. It is therefore important to load your gun and aim carefully before you fire. The motion trackers make sure your actions will be integrated into the game directly. This makes the gameplay natural. The high-resolution VR headset and 360 degrees view provides you an overview. You will definitely need this to spot the approaching hordes of VR zombies.

Our virtual reality experts have selected the best games for beginners and advanced players. These are reviewed on many factors and came out the most successful. There’s also diversity in the level of intensity of the VR horror games. For everyone who’s interested in VR horror we have something intriguing.

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