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Follow the footsteps of professional athletes. Step into the car of Max Verstappen and race the fastest time in the Formula 1. Or compete in a boxing match, and fight without getting the actual bruises. Didn’t go on a skiing trip this year? VR sports brings you to the greatest mountains to ski on without having to travel far. Just come and visit us at VR Gamehouse and we will set you up. Put on the VR headset and get into action. We offer VR sports games such as:

  • VR skiing
  • VR racing
  • VR tennis
  • VR diving
  • And many more 

VR sport for sports enthusiasts and non-sports fans

If you’re into sports video games then this will definitely blow your mind. This time you won’t be controlling the character which you see on the screen. No, you become the character. You’ll feel as if you’re actually inside the game and in the middle of all the action! Not much of a sports fan? No worries, VR sports are fun for everyone to play anyway. Besides, our VR experts are there to coach you along the way to help you become a pro in no time.

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A scope in the world of VR sports

VR racing

When you play VR racing sports you can use the race simulator. You learn how to handle the steering wheel and gas pedals. Afterwards you put on the VR headset. Now you’re looking through the window of your car. You can see the competing race cars around you. You’ll feel the engine running when you step on the gas pedal. Let’s race!

VR rally

VR rally sports are intense. You’re driving under the most extreme circumstances. Make a spectacular journey through the woods, parks and other off-road tracks. The conditions on the routes are extreme. Put your driving skills to the test while you keep driving faster. When your body is flooded with adrenaline, your brain is going into supreme focus mode. The alertness is definitely needed when you take on the VR rally challenge!

VR tennis

Play VR tennis sports solo or together at the same time. With a tennis racket in your hand you play against Nadal in virtual reality. Are you becoming the next Grand Slam champion?

VR diving

Dive into the vivid underwater world and swim with whales, the most majestic gentle giants of the oceans. Immerse yourself in the everlasting playfulness of dolphins, and observe the most intelligent predators like sharks and killer whales in their natural habitat.

Follow the school of fish out into the coral reef and discover the abandoned shipwreck that has become a playground for sea turtles and mysterious deep-sea creatures. Finish of your VR diving session by witnessing the dance of the graceful manta ray.

Besides these examples there are many more VR sports games available. So, if you rather play VR hockey or other sports. Tell us! We’ll make you a great blend of VR games based on your preferences.

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Don’t feel like doing your training at the gym today but rather workout in a different environment? Play VR sports! It gets you in the middle of the action.

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