VR Shooter

Experience how exciting it is to be in the middle of a battle field, by playing VR shooter games. Once you put on the VR headset, you’ll be in a virtual world where you need to be careful. You look around you with a loaded gun in your hand and scanning the environment for enemies. Meanwhile, hordes of enemies start coming towards you. So, aim your gun, fire and be sure to take down each and every single one of them.

This VR Game arcade in Amsterdam offers you many VR shooter games with the best controllers. This will make you feel like you’re actually holding a gun. Meanwhile you compete with friends in a VR battle arena, play against hordes of enemies or explore strange new virtual worlds.

Discover the thrilling worlds of VR shooter games. This means:

  • Fighting monsters with futuristic weapons
  • Entering battle arena Deathmatch style
  • Exploring modern VR warfare in Call of Duty style
  • Defending towns and cities with bow and arrow
  • Playing in teams or individual
  • And much, much more

Are you looking to play the newest VR shooter games? Or do you want to try VR shooter multiplayer? Then come to our VR arcade in the city center of Amsterdam.
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Playing VR shooter games at VR Gamehouse

The VR shooter experience:

After a brief explanation about the game, you get the controllers in your hands and put on the VR headset. In a confused state of mind you look around you. All of a sudden, you’re in another place. You see mountains in front of you. From different pathways there are strange creatures storming down. The closer they get, the harder it is to prevent them from attacking you. With a good overview over the mountains and a gun in your hand you take on the challenge. Are you quick enough to take them all down before they get to you?

Besides this VR shooter experience we have a huge variety of shooting games ready. Such as the VR horror shooter, where you compete in a zombie-infected world.

  • A challenging alternation between VR games that suit you
  • Explanation about controllers and VR glasses
  • Tips for survival in the VR shooter world

We’ll make sure you know how to defend yourself. By explaining you how to use the VR gun rifle and provide you with tips & tricks.

VR shooting games for beginning and advanced players:

Is VR gaming new to you? Or are you an experienced gamer? Either way, you are in good hands for the right selection of VR shooting games.

Easy-to-use controllers & realistic gaming experience:

The controllers make you feel as if you are actually holding a weapon. Therefore, your VR shooter experience becomes even more realistic. You can easily load, aim and shoot.

Enter our VR shooters courageously as a single player or up to 4-players. Feel the fear of the inevitable doom creep up on you like a shadow as you enter the battle arena. Armed only with your gun, courage and your ability to instinctively react to danger, your survival solely depends on you.

Deathmatch vs battle arena

Deathmatch the ultimate VR Shooter

The ultimate goal of Deathmatch games is to survive. Shoot as many enemies in a limited amount of time. VR Deathmatch examples are:

  • Defend your kingdom with arrows and bow from orgs
  • Prevent zombies from taking over
  • Don’t let the monsters shoot you

VR Deathmatch shooter games are played individually or with a group with a maximum of 4 players. Play together in the same team or divide into 2 teams.

We will make sure you have the right weapon and enough ammo to complete your mission!

Battle arena

In the VR battle arena, you are part of a team. You and your team have to defend yourself and eliminate the opposing team members. It’s a strategic game where you have a collective goal.

In these military games you and your soldiers are defending your virtual nation. Watch out, because it’s war in the VR battle arena. This means you will get hunted by the opposing team.

Play the VR shooters individually or team up. In case your teaming up; make sure you play with someone who’s got your back.

Are you brave enough to enter the VR battle arena and compete in a Deathmatch?

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