VR Racing Experience

VR Racing makes you feel as if you’re a Formula 1 driver. Make yourself comfortable in the driver’s seat and put on the VR headset. You will find yourself on the race circuit immediately. When you look around you, you see your competitors through the window of your own car. Grab the steering wheel and feel the vibrations when you step on the gas pedal. Let the race begin!

The possibilities of VR racing
Always wanted to drive a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or a McLaren? All is possible. You can choose between more than 100 race cars. Other options:

  • 50+ VR racing games
  • Countless racetracks
  • Multiplayer and single player
  • Race simulator
  • Automatic or manual
  • 4D VR Experience
  • Beginner & advanced players

Are you ready to compete for a high-score and get your name on our VR racing wall of fame?

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 VR Race simulator

The VR racing simulator creates the perfect environment to get you in an extreme state of excitement. It gives another dimension to your experience. Making it even more realistic than it already seems.

Discover true life handling with the steering wheel, pedals and shifting gears in 4D. While you take a short turn to the left and deviate slightly from the track, you immediately feel the vibrations. The force feedback technology stimulates vibrations based on circumstances on the track. So, you’ll feel every single bump on the road.

Combining this with lifelike sounds, ridiculous speed and 360 degrees sight, you’ll have the ultimate VR race experience.

  • Feel the engine running
  • Choose between automatic or manual
  • 360 degrees sight
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Force feedback steer & gas
  • Spot on drivability

Discover what it’s like to drive in a race car in 4D!

VR Racing at VR Gamehouse

VR Racing at VR Gamehouse means: Racing as if you’re Hamilton or Verstappen.

You don’t have to watch the Formula 1 race from your TV anymore. No, with VR racing you step into the car and you are the one who’s in control. Do you pass by the competition by taking short turns or by speeding up during straight long distance sectors? As long as you do everything it takes to achieve the fastest track time.

What you can expect from VR Gamehouse

We provide a lifelike experience, where everything has been organized in detail.

  • Most exciting VR race games
  • VR headset with such a high resolution that you see everything sharp with 360 degree view
  • A race simulator that makes you feel like you are really in a race car

Of course, you get guidance and explanation from VR experts, to make sure you get the most out of your VR racing experience.

Which VR racing game shall I play?

Choose between our broad range of VR racing games. We have made a pre-selection which conclude VR race games such as dirt rally and Formula 1. Can’t make a decision? Don’t worry, we have some hidden gems which we definitely want to share with you. Our VR experts will provide you the game that suits you. The only thing you have to do, is to step into the driver’s seat and take off. The road is yours.

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Become a Formula 1 race driver with our VR Racing Simulator. Put on your VR headset and take a seat. Experience how the car directly reacts on every turn you take, while you race individually or compete against friends.

Our amazing selection of VR racing games combined with the race simulator make you feel as if you are the driver. It’s time to get into pole position!

Do you already feel like racing around in the woods? Or rather compete on another race circuit? Choose between the wide variety of racing games VR Gamehouse has to offer you.

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