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Playing at our VR arcade means playing multiple games in one session. This gives you a nice blend of experiences, such as:

Our offer of VR experiences is still expanding, so every session can be different from the previous one.

For the best VR experience, we at VR Gamehouse always provide our guests with:

  • Explanation about the gameplay
  • Support for handling the controllers
  • Tips and tricks
  • Exclusive bonus experiences

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VR Experiences at VR Gamehouse

What is a VR experience?
Virtual reality is the environment where the physical and digital world meet. Reality is digitally simulated. Which provides us with endless possibilities of entering different VR worlds.

For whom is VR?
You don’t have to be a gamer to experience the entertainment. The diversity in VR games is huge. We make a selection of VR games that suits you best based on your personal preferences and VR gaming experience.

Play with others
You can undergo the VR experience by yourself or together. Play the multiplayer games with your friends, family or colleagues.

Exclusive VR experiences

Aside from the opportunity to play the regular VR games we have added a bonus for you. The best VR experience consists of more than playing VR games. Therefore, we made an exclusive selection of experiences for you that will take your breath away.

A few examples of the exclusive experiences:

VR Racing

Get in our real VR Race Simulator and drive just like Max Verstappen in a Formula 1. Or would you rather drive a Mclaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborgini or one of the other 100 cars? It’s all possible in our multiplayer VR Race Simulators.

VR Adventure

Enter a VR world full of fantasy and immerse yourself in an ongoing adventure while exploring and unraveling mysteries. The game unfolds once you complete challenges and solve puzzles.

VR Flying

Have you always wanted to fly around like Superman. Feel the freedom of using the controllers to fly around through the virtual sky. Can you save the city?


Go on a relaxing nature trek. Walk through the forest, wildlife savanna or enter the deep blue sea. Explore Mother Nature while you listen to soothing music.


Travel around the world with our Google Earth tours. Navigate yourself, flying over the earth and step into the 360 degrees street view. Stroll down the streets of Hong Kong or walk around the Eifel Tower. It’s up to you where you go. Experience great landmarks and the beauties of nature. Stand on the highest mountains or fly into VR space and capture the solar eclipse under a mesmerizing sky, full of bright stars.


Let your creativity flow by painting your own 3D artwork. Bring your imagination to life on your own virtual reality canvas with using different tools, brush strokes, a colored palette and adding special effects in lighting and materials like fire and ice. Enter a VR world full of music and feel the rhythm while slaying lasers to the beat of the music.

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Does it sound intriguing? You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy VR experiences. With the endless VR possibilities there’s always something you like. Our passionate team is ready to welcome you. What about you?

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