Bronze Package: Basic Immersion | 25min | 1-4 Players | Multiplayer | 19,98 p.p

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Note: Standing Experiences can be chosen at the venue (Flying, Diving, Shooter, Zombies, etc)

VR Standing Experience

We have offer 40+ quality games and experiences to choose from. In the Bronze package you can choose up to 1-2 experiences.

IMPORTANT Note: You can decide at the venue which standing experience(s) you will like to have. Based on that we will recommend you the best games/experiences.

An example of our vr standing experiences:

  • VR Shooters
  • VR Zombie / Horror
  • VR Flying
  • VR Adventure
  • VR Sports
  • VR Diving
  • VR Travel
  • VR Exploration
  • VR Art / Creativity
  • VR Kids
  • And much more …

VR Racing Simulator

Race against each other in our professional (2x) VR Racing Simulators, the whole race-seat will vibrate at every hump and bump. You will feel like Lewis Hamilton when you step inside our racing simulator.

Pick your dream car:

  • Formula 1
  • Porsche
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Mclaren
  • 100+ other cars

We use next-generation headset with 70% more pixels dan current gen. Professional steering wheel with mighty force feedback and metal pedals from Fanatec to match the need for speed.

The best multiplayer vr race experience starts at VR GameHouse!

We are offering you:

  • The most mindblowing Virtual Reality Experience ... ever!
  • Helpful, knowledgable and more importantly passionate vr experts
  • Next generation equipment
  • High diversity in games and genres
  • 40+ games that have proven to be successful
  • Multiplayer games
  • Professional service: setting up and adjusting the VR headsets, explaining and exchanging games, tracking scores, giving tips and tricks
  • High resolution pictures

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