VR kids party

Celebrate your birthday with a VR kids party at VR Gamehouse.

The birthday vibe is already set when you enter the playroom, since it’s fully decorated in balloons and garlands! It’s time to start celebrating after an enthusiastic welcome of our VR experts. The excitement starts building up, because you’re about to step into the world of VR for kids. The place where fantasies come to life.

VR for kids means:

  • Fight against fire-breathing dragons
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Racing in a Porsche
  • Capture the space flying
  • Playing football with your favorite players
  • And much more

It is unbelievable how many surprising experiences there are. We make a selection of the best ones. This way, you can experience different VR worlds during your VR kids party. Play de VR kids games with or against each other at the same time.

You’re probably wondering how VR Gaming works exactly. We explain everything into detail so you know exactly how to play. After the clear instruction you put on the VR headset. What is happening? In a flash of a second you are in a completely different world!

This time you do not play the games from a distance at your TV. No, you’re in the middle of it. Just look around you!

Get in the car of Max Verstappen, in the football boots of Neymar or fly around as if you’re Superman. With VR for kids, your dreams are coming to life!

Celebrate your birthday in the VR world at VR Gamehouse. It will most definitely be a memorable experience!

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Virtual reality for kids: Dreams can come true

A VR kids party isn’t only about playing VR games. No, at VR Gamehouse we turn it into a complete birthday experience. To make it extra festive and special, we decorate the play area with garlands and balloons. Everything is taken care of from start to finish. The kids party package includes:

  • Explanation about the games
  • Setting up and adjusting the VR headsets
  • Changing games (age appropriate)
  • Keep scores
  • Guidance while playing
  • High resolution photos
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Decorated private play area
  • Candy, chips and soft drinks

None of the kids has to be a gamer to enjoy a VR kids party. We ensure that everyone receives sufficient explanation and guidance. Meanwhile, we capture the moments so that you go home with some amazing memories of the VR kids party.

VR kids party packages & prices

The VR kids party packages:

  • 60 min kids party – 240 Euro ( max 10 kids )
  • 90 min kids party – 350 Euro ( max 12 kids )
  • 120 min kids party – 450 Euro ( max 12 kids )

The costs are per event for a maximum of 12 participants. This way, everyone has enough play time to celebrate the birthday in the virtual world.

Want to stay after the gaming session? You’re welcome in our VR lounge room. Here you can play music and life-size Jenga while eating fries or another snack.

Any other suggestions or questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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