Organizing a private PR event

Do you want to organize an event with colleagues, friends, family or another group? Then VR Gamehouse in Amsterdam is the right destination. Groups from 6 to 50 people can rent the whole VR room at VR Gamehouse exclusively. For bigger groups we also have an extra room available to enjoy drinks and bites.

Company events and more

Teams from several large companies already have had a successful company event at VR Gamehouse. Among others, teams from, Levi Strauss and the Krasnapolski hotel have visited VR Gamehouse to experience the Virtual Reality world. Visit the company events page for more information about a VR company event.

VR Gaming is suitable for a diverse crowd: from stag or hen parties to family gatherings or outings with friends. That is because VR Gaming at VR Gamehouse is much more than shooters. The different VR Experiences ensure that everybody in the group can do something he or she enjoys. Think racing, flying, doing sports or exploring nature and new worlds.

Location: 2 choices in Amsterdam

Your private event can be organized at one of our locations in Amsterdam. We have a location in the city center and a larger VR Arena in Amsterdam West. In the VR Arena location, free roaming is also possible. That means your VR headset is wirelessly connected to the gaming computers and you can walk around freely.

Want to plan a VR event?
Don’t hesitate to contact us or to request a quote. We will gladly help you plan the event and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Information about VR

A VR event is something you won’t forget anytime soon! Below we will explain in short what a VR experience entails:

  • VR stands for Virtual Reality.
  • You wear VR glasses, so you can see the VR world.
  • Sensors are used to register body movements. This ensures that, for example, if you move your head to the left, the image moves accordingly.
  • Two joysticks make even more interaction with the game possible.
  • It is also possible to be active in a game together and to play with or against each other.

Perhaps you normally go bowling with friends or mini golfing with family… Nice activities, but not very exciting. If you want to experience something new, VR Gaming is the right choice. At VR Gamehouse your event will be a guaranteed success!

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