What are the opening hours?

We work from Monday till Sunday, 10:00 -23:00

What’s the address?

We are located at Warmoesstraat 155, 1012JC , Amsterdam

Won’t I hit something or walk into a wall?

No, while you are wearing our VR glasses, you will see a blue box in the virtual reality, that box indicates walls and space, which you shouldn’t cross for safety reasons.

I’m wearing glasses, will I be able to wear them during the experience?

Yes, glasses with small frames fit our VR glasses perfectly so you can wear them during the experience.

Do you have parking space?

Unfortunately, we do not. There is a parking garage nearby.

Is there an age limit?

We do have something for everyone, but we prefer a child to be at least 7 years old.

What kind of games do you have?

We have around 30+ different VR games/ experiences. We got something for everyone. You can fly, explore, create, climb, race, shoot, fight off zombies, orgs and so on! The experiences can be chosen at the venue. Ask the VR expert for recommendations.

Ways of payment?

You can pay online with iDEAL, PayPal, credit card or wire transfer or with cash and credit/debit card on location (except Sodexo and American Express).

Will players get an introduction? Does it cost extra?

Yes, players always get a free introduction on top of their time!

Can we book your venue for an event?

Yes, you can. We host lots of events. These can be booked via our website www.vrgamehouse.nl  or send us an email on info@vragamehouse.nl with all the information (date, time, number of people), questions and we will get back to you shortly.

Is it possible to play together with several people and if yes, what is the limit?

We have games from 1 to 4 people in the same virtual world at the same time and it is also possible to race head-to-head in our 4D VR racing simulator.

Will we see each other in the experience?

YES, you will see each other in the virtual world!

Are the drinks included in the price?

No, but you can buy our soft drinks for 3 EUR and some energy boost for 4 EUR

Can we play PlayStation/Xbox here?

No, but we do offer a mixture of old school game consoles for our guests to play!

About our racing simulator

Can we race each other?

You sure can! it is possible to race each other head-to-head in our 4D VR racing simulator.

Can I also race on manual?

Yes, automatic, manual, any type of car or track!

Which racing game can I play?

We offer Project Cars 2 VR

Can I choose my own car?

Yes you can. Project Cars 2 VR has loads of cars from all different classes.

I see you only have 2 racing seats but we are 3-4 players in total. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible. Choose the 4 player GOLD Package. 2 players can race head-to-head. 1 race takes around 10 minutes. After each race our VR Experts will swap the players.

About our events

How long does a private event take?

We offer 3 different private event packages. 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes.

How many people can be present during an private event?

Private events starts from 6 till 35 players! Use the contact form for inquiries.

Does a private event include drinks?

Drinks can be booked additional to your event. You can also choose to buy drinks during the event (À la carte).

How many people can play simultaneously during a private event?

6 people can play simultaneously during a event! We offer the most VR headsets and provide the best service!

Will we have to choose our own games during a private event?

We usually go through a program with a blend of different games/experience (Action, Adventure, Racing, Sports) but it is also possible to choose your own games. During the event 3 or 4 VR Experts will be available to help put on the headsets, put the players into games, swap players, clean headsets and be at close range for tips, tricks and all other questions.

About our setup

What kind of equipment do you have?

HCT VIVE PRO’s for standing experience and the Samsung Odyssey for 4D VR racing simulator.

What type of computers do you use?

We use High-End custom build PC with the GTX-1080ti graphic card.

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