About us

VR Gamehouse was founded in the beginning of June 2017 by Chris and Gosia.

With much pride we can say we are the first VR Arcade Gameroom in the city center of Amsterdam. We like to do things differently! With us it is not even about Virtual Reality in itself, but what is most important for us is that the people visiting VR Gamehouse have a mind-blowing experience together. We do this through Virtual Reality and everything around it. Like with Starbucks you don’t just come for the coffee.

We think the social and multiplayer aspect (experiences together) combined with incredible service is the key to success. We have designed our VR arcade in such a way that it is cozy and encourages being together and making it accessible for everyone. We also wanted to make it affordable for everyone while at the same time having the highest quality and equipment. We offer the highest price quality ratio and more importantly fun factor. For us VR Gamehouse is more than just a regular company, our team is very passionate about what they do and how they do it. We keep on innovating and improving. We are open everyday, 7 days a week, 13 hours a day for over a year and our reviews do not lie (see for yourself). We are the no.1 VR arcade in the Netherlands.


At VR Gamehouse you are always guaranteed to have the highest quality experience in Virtual Reality.

We invested in the best equipment there is on the market. For example we have custom build pc’s strictly equipped with GTX 1080ti graphical video cards, next-generation VR headsets some of them not even available yet in Europe, 7.1 spatial sound audio headphones and professional VR race simulators. At VR Gamehouse you can completely immerse into the virtual world.

Our vision

We like to do things differently. Not only are we located in the city center of Amsterdam, just walking distance from the Amsterdam central station, above all else we believe in quality above quantity. All our VR games and experiences are handpicked and we offer a wide variety to make it fun for everyone. We invest in the latest equipment and constantly improve to make your experience more immersive. Furthermore, we believe in giving you ridiculous great service. Combined we have around 500 reviews on Tripadvisor, Google and Facebook where we have a total score of 5/5 stars. Making us the no.1 VR Arcade in The Netherlands.

Our entire team of VR experts is passionate about giving you the most mind-blowing VR experience there is. We understand that every person has different wants and wishes so we adjust and customize according to your preference. We like to refrain from long briefings and will help you by recommending the best games, put on and adjust your headset, swap games, and give tips and tricks when needed. We focus mainly on the multiplayer aspect and social fun factor. One thing all our clients have in common is that they come to have FUN… together. We completely understand this and will do everything we can to facilitate that.

When you come to VR Gamehouse you are always guaranteed to have a mind-blowing VR experience.

Be amazed by the world of VR.