VR Sport Games

The VR game house offers many different VR sporting games, and the best thing is you can’t get injuries from VR sports! So if you want to explore new VR sport OUr vr gaming arcade is the place to be.
Our VR Sport games lets you do:

  • – VR Skiing
  • – VR Rugby
  • – VR Hockey
  • – VR Racing
  • – VR Tennis
    And so much more!

Do you want to play some sports together without the cold or rain, of nasty injuries? Then visit our VR gaming arcade in the center of Amsterdam. And book your package below, so you can claim you spot in our VR game room.

per person
Basic Immersion - 25 min
1 - 4 Players
Single or Multiplayer
40+ VR Games & Experiences
4D VR Racing Simulator (2x)
Fully Guided
1 Player = 1 VR-Headset
4 Players = 4 VR-Headsets
From p.p
Exclusive Whole Place
6 - 25 People
Private Events
Kids Birthday Party
Corporate Events
Team Building
Bachelor Party